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Specialists in sports retail for over 30 years

The only 'Soccer Only' store in the world?



Our business began before the Internet was even dreamt of.


We are now probably the largest 'soccer only' retailer on the high street - in the whole of the UK.


Kit Selection Soccer Shop was established in the mid 1980's specifically to supply clubs, players and supporters with football products. We are now one of the largest, if not the largest specialist soccer shops in the UK. Over 30 years of controlled, personal expansion through listening to our customers, made us what we are today.


Compare us to an E-tailer, we offer;


◦Long history

◦Financial stability

◦ Personalised service

◦See and feel your garments or trophies

◦Try on garments for size

◦Computer generated artwork created or replicated in house

◦Printed in house by experts


Trophies and Awards have become another speciality of Kit Selection Soccer Shop.


Ask us about our HUGE range, all assembled and finished on-site to your exact specification.



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We now have an eBay Store. Please check regularly for bargains!




Don't forget it's not all about Team Kits. We have a huge range of rain jackets, training equipment, footballs, boots and accessories.